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The item presented is a Spanish replica of Denix, a PPSH-41 submachine gun with a belt called pepesha

We are pleased to present a replica of the iconic weapon that is the PSPS-41 submachine gun. Famous for its simplicity and reliability, it was introduced to the armament of the Red Army in 1941, after which it also found its way into the hands of Polish soldiers. Pepesza was used by Janek Kos of the Four Panzer. The replica is made of ZnAl, an aluminum zinc alloy combined with wooden elements. A working free lock was installed in the replica, which after pulling the slider to the rear position can be made so. dry shot and removable drum magazine. Replica equipped with a carrying strap.

Manufacturer: Spanish company Denix (PPSH-41)

length - 85cm
width with magazine - 15cm

The replica faithfully reflects the original, but it does not have any utility features or the possibility of conversion into a firearm (within the meaning of the Act on weapons and ammunition of May 21, 1999 - Journal of Laws of 2012, item 576, as amended).

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Manufacturer DENIX Hiszpania
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