In our company you can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the website using the Basket to place orders and by e-mail at: [email protected] . In addition, you can place orders by phone during store hours on working days from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) under number 61 8530-005. Each time in the case of telephone orders, the content of the concluded contract is confirmed by e-mail in order to ensure the safety and correctness of the orders placed.

The ordering procedure and the moment of conclusion of the sales contract are described in detail in section III of our regulations read more…

In our online store you can make a purchase without registering. However, we encourage you to set up an account, because it has many benefits:

- saving - many products have 5% 10% 15% discounts - calculated only for logged in customers

- Your wish list - if you are logged in, you can remember your favorite articles while shopping until your next visit without having to browse all pages again. For this purpose, in the window of each article you have the "Add to wish list" button:

(wish list is not a reservation of articles)

- information about the status of your order and insight into your order history

- more convenient placing of orders - your data will be filled in automatically next time you order

Having an account at any time you can:

- download a copy of your personal data that we store on your account in CSV format

- anonymize personal data

- delete the account with all personal data

There is also a product comparison on our website

To add a product to compare, go to the product card and select "Add to Compare". To immediately compare a product, click the "Add to Compare" icon in the product window.


All products on promotions from three departments: lighting, replicas and gifts, you can find by clicking the button

In each group or subgroup, you can use the "Promotions" browsing filter to view products on the promotion.

In the "windows" of products we have included icons - important information about discounts that await logged in customers:

5% discount after logging in
10% discount after logging in
15% discount after logging in


Dimensions- This is the cost of a package which weigh up to 31.5 kg Dimensions: maximum length of a side is 150cm (height). The sum of the perimeter of the base and height of the package must not exceed 300 cm, where the height is the longest side of a package. max.300cm = (2x lenght + 2x width + longest side).Click  HERE  to see the picture.

For the sake of your products safty transport, for larger orders a number of packages could rise.

Austria - 96,00 PLN for 1 package Bulgaria - 183,00 PLN for 1 package
Belgium - 100,00 PLN for 1 package Czech Republic - 92,00 PLN for 1 package
Croatia - 235,00 PLN for 1 package Estonia - 108,00 PLN for 1 package
Denmark - 96,00 PLN for 1 package France - 116,00 PLN for 1 package
Finland - 159,00 PLN for 1 package Germany - 96,00 PLN for 1 package
Greece - 240,00 PLN for 1 package Ireland - 183,00 PLN for 1 package
Hungary - 120,00 PLN for 1 package Latvia - 104,00 PLN for 1 package
Italy - 135,00 PLN for 1 package Luxembourg - 115,00 PLN for 1 package
Lithuania - 96,00 PLN for 1 package Netherlands - 104,00 PLN for 1 package
Portugal - 191,00 PLN for 1 package Romania - 183,00 PLN for 1 package
Slovakia - 92,00 PLN for 1 package Slovenia - 147,00 PLN for 1 package
Spain - 175,00 PLN for 1 package Sweden - 155,00 PLN for 1 package

Delivery of goods to the inhabitants of Poznań, Koziegłowy, Kicin, Czerwonak, Owińska and Potasze saving time, money and ... nerves that can be lost when driving through crowded Poznań :)

- Free delivery is valid from PLN 500 of the value of the purchased goods in our store.

- To use this option, when purchasing a product, select "personal collection" in the "Basket", and then inform us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone (61) 8530-005 about your selection. The option of cash settlement upon delivery.

- Price list and offer details: delivery of goods


All prices in the Store are gross prices, including tax on goods and services (VAT). The store provides the following types of payments:

Stripe - convenient online payment system

- prepayment, payment for foreign customers by regular transfer without additional fees for currency conversion.

EUR currency account mBank - Internet Bank
IBAN account number:
PL02 1140 2004 0000 3712 1821 6000

The payment title should include the order number and the name of the Ordering Party.

- on delivery - payment by DPD courier at the pickup. Note: Products from the "Lighting" section do not ship with cash on delivery. Available only in Poland

- in cash - when picking up the order at the company's headquarters at Gdyńska 32 street in Czerwonak

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