Noble karabela with a leather scabbard, hardened blade

Weapon replicas Hardened sabers and swords Noble karabela with a leather scabbard, hardened blade
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Replica of the Polish noble rifle with a scabbard in the tempered version from the 18th century

In the 17th century, the entire Polish nobility was united by a sense of national power, a conviction of the splendor of the Polish system, a monarchy limited by the laws of the nobility, and moreover, an awareness of the family tradition and Sarmatian antiquity, which was associated with the idea of the origin of Poles from the ancient Sarmatians. The pride of this powerful Sarmatian heritage and an indispensable symbol of Polish nobility was and is the saber known as Karabela. The origin of the karabela is Eastern, but all the more the Polish nobility, which derived its origin from the Sarmatians, acquired sabers as family jewels, which the son inherited from his father. Karabellas were often richly decorated and less often they were used as sabers and more often as ceremonial ones, by the owner who was not a professional soldier.

We present a nobleman's carabel made in accordance with historical tradition in an original style. It is characterized by high quality details and compliance of the materials used and the manufacturing methods used with the prototypes. The saber is made of high carbon steel, hardened to a hardness of 48-52 HRC. This blade can be used e.g. in knightly battles without worrying about its impact strength. It has blunt edges with a thickness of about 2.5 mm so that it does not chip during combat or chipping. For a greater effect, the blade of the saber is additionally polished to a high gloss. The handle is made of corrugated wooden cladding, decorated on both sides with brass studs. The cladding contact point is crowned with brass tape richly decorated with floral ornaments. Decorated cross guard made of brass cast. Wooden scabbard, tucked in black leather with brass fittings with two grooves and movable earrings. Brass elements on the sheath are richly decorated, hand-forged in brass. All brass additions kept in old patina, polished in convex places.

Unique product.

Saber dimensions:
saber length with scabbard - 100cm
saber length without scabbard - 97cm
Blade length - 83cm
blade width at the base -3.5 cm
base thickness at the root - 0.5 cm

Care method:
We recommend that the blade and vagina be maintained from time to time
very thin layer of olives, e.g. liquid paraffin. It will help
in maintaining the high quality of the product.

The perfect gift for your boss, colleague ...

The unsharpened replica of the saber faithfully reflects the original, but it does not have any useful features (within the meaning of the Act on weapons and ammunition of May 21, 1999 - Journal of Laws of 2012, item 576, as amended).

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