Door knocker decorated version Brass MAR025

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Door knocker made of brass by Polish craftsmen. Impeccable front and side processing, it is difficult to find any smoothed fragments. The back of the knocker is laid out and fenced, with visible grain structure. The product is patinated, polished in exposed places, darker in the recesses. The whole is covered with a clear varnish to prevent brass oxidation. Solid casting. Places intended for engraving surrounded by delicate ribbing.

Mounting system:

On the back of the knocker you will find 2 threaded holes and 2 screws with metric thread included. Screws should be screwed into the holes tightly tightened with a screwdriver and then cut heads, e.g. pliers (as in the picture) leaving, say, 1.5 centimeters stumps. Then we put the knocker on the door choosing the place where it will hang and make stacks of screws. We drill a blind hole in the places of the traces, preferably the same diameter as the screw (about 4mm diameter), fill it with a little silicone or glue and hang the knocker.


  • length 18.8cm
  • 9.5 cm wide
  • 2.5 cm thick
  • weight 440g
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Manufacturer MOSIĄDZ
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